wayne and terri


Wayne had always dreamed of having his own place, and for years he and Terri collected ideas, storing them in their “Dream Book” and fantasized about being restaurateurs together. Then one day opportunity came knocking. Read More

grits cafe painting


Grits Cafe is located in Forsyth, Georgia, approximately 60 miles south of Atlanta, directly off the I-75. The town was established in the late 1800’s when a classic red brick court house was built, serving as the nucleus of a quaint town square. Today it is home to 5,000 residents, many of whom work in the area, or commute to nearby Macon or Atlanta. Grits Café inhabits one of the original store fronts on the square, and opened its doors on June 18, 1999. Read More

local grown pickles


“Community” has the power to make us who we are, and that certainly is the case at Grits Café. The team’s approach is to always support area farmers, meat and poultry producers, fisherman and cheese makers, so our ingredients are as fresh and healthy as they can possibly be. Grits Café also takes pride in supporting the local economy, and doing business with others who are equally as passionate about producing quality goods and services, in an environmentally responsible manner. Read More

recipes duck


Cooking at home should be relaxing, fun, inspiring and rewarding. The nourishment and love which is shared amongst family and friends around the dining table makes it a very magical place. Happy cooking! Read More