“Rocking Chair Ranch is committed to delivering locally-grown, grassfed beef to the Middle Georgia area. Our pasture-raised livestock are free of growth hormones and antibiotics to provide you with a healthier alternative to regular beef.

No feedlots. No carbohydrate-rich corn. No antibiotics. No hormones. RCR cattle are raised the natural way — mother’s milk and pasture grass. Read More

local grown peppers


Anne Marie Watson, long-time team member,  found she had some extra time on her hands in March 2012 after the tragic fire shut Grits Café down, so she set out to get to work. She dug up and planted a 9,000 square foot garden, and started growing produce. Her first year was a roaring success, so she continued on in 2013, growing enough fruits and vegetables to fuel a large portion of Grits Café’s produce needs to feed their guests. Most is produced organically, and heirloom seeds used whenever available. Read More


Hazel has created art for as long as she can remember. She earned a BA in Studio Art, with a minor in Psychology from the College of Charleston, in Charleston, SC, and a MS in Art Therapy from Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA. Her art studies in Italy gave her an appreciation for architecture, portraits and landscapes. Hazel has been an art therapist in both private and public practice. Read More

Several paintings are available for purchase

jim stalling forest painting


“People often over think art.. It’s just a lot of energy that comes together in one place.”

That is a simple way to characterize Jim’s thoughts on art, especially his own painting style. He paints quickly and with a lot of energy. Jim used to brag that he could complete a large painting in just several hours, until his wife pointed out to him that he was in a “mood” for days prior to starting a new painting. He realized that he was working out the details in his head, so when it was time to paint; he was able to do it quickly. Jim doesn’t brag about how fast he paints anymore.
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Several paintings are available for purchase