Rocking Chair Ranch is committed to delivering locally-grown, grassfed beef to the Middle Georgia area. Our pasture-raised livestock are free of growth hormones and antibiotics to provide you with a healthier alternative to regular beef.

No feedlots. No carbohydrate-rich corn. No antibiotics. No hormones. RCR cattle are raised the natural way — mother’s milk and pasture grass. Studies have shown that this is better for humans, better for the animals, and better for the environment. While grass-fed animals mature more slowly than animals fattened in commercial feedlots, they are less prone to the diseases afflicting animals packed into close quarters in confined animal feeding operations. At Rocking Chair Ranch, we are committed to humane animal care practices and we believe that the animals are entitled to low-stress lives. Rocking chair ranch cattle is an Animal Welfare Approved farm and a member of the American Grassfed Association.
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